About Music Theories

So you picked up a new instrument, learned a few chords, and have research paper help become the newest musical sensation among your friends? Or maybe you’ve been playing for a long time and you’re simply ready to take your playing to the next level. Maybe you dream how to start of a conclusion for the days when playing will be easier and more enjoyable? In any case, Music Theories is the perfect place for you.

This site will help you understand the inner workings of music theory. You’ll find training videos which will sharpen your musical skills and deepen your how to write an abstract apa example knowledge.

Your Guide – Terry Gunn

As a personal guide in advancing your musical skills, Terry Gunn offers his viewers a deep insight into Music Theory. Four decades in music ministry, education, and experience equips him to share a wealth of knowledge with his students. Terry has written, recorded, and published over 200 songs, and has had tremendous success with his writing. In recent essaywriters years several groups such as The Steeles, The Lesters, The Arnolds, The Singing Ambassadors, The Inspirations, Greater Vision, and others have recorded his music.

He has served as an educator in music theory at Gateway College of Evangelism as well as Christian Life College. He has also ministered as a Worship Leader to congregants of 4000 plus.

Having composed, produced, taught, and recorded music for decades, Terry is equipped and seasoned to offer you a personal journey to advance your own musical desires. His witty personality makes it fun to learn and guarantees the viewer a great experience.