Music Theories

Thank you for taking the time to do this and for including me.  I LOVE IT!  It has always been of interest to me, but I am especially interested now because my daughter is studying music and I have some free time now.  I am enjoying it thoroughly!




I have been through the first three lessons; lots of good best ways to start a conclusion information.  I think I’m with you so far. . . Can’t wait to see the rest.  Good stuff!



Music Theories

Bitten by the music bug but knowing absolutely nothing about music, I knew the task ahead of me was a daunting one. My search to find the most comprehensive learning source to learn music led me to www.musicthoeries.org. The tutor featured on the site named Terry Gunn has an illustrious career spanning over three decades during which he has been involved in every aspect of music production! From teaching in colleges, to arranging choir groups and having published 200 songs, he has done it all. Feeling pretty confident knowing that the right man was in charge, I proceeded to have a look at the course outline.

 The course itself is broken down into nine lessons which begin with the most rudimentary level and proceed at a gradual pace towards more advanced content. I was really impressed at the lengths Mr. Gunn went to explaining the basic building blocks, so it would be easy to understand for a novice like me. Unlike other online music lessons which essay writer uk proceed at their own pace, these lessons are designed to keep pace with the learning ability of the audience. After the basics were over, the lessons seamlessly moved to complex chords and chords progression elucidating with examples on how to manipulate them to get the desired results.

 I would highly recommend these lessons for all aspiring musicians who are searching for someone credible and experienced to teach them. Even people who are already in music industry can enhance and refresh their knowledge. It doesn’t matter what genre of music you are into, selecting these courses would prove to be immensely helpful. The price is very affordable considering the plethora of knowledge the course puts at ones disposal. Systematic, methodical and easy to grasp are the cornerstones of this compilation. When I finished the lessons, I felt empowered and very confident about the knowledge I had gained! Learning music is really made easy, thanks to Mr. Gunn’s efforts. 




I liked your relaxed style of teaching so much I have just purchased the second course and look forward to accessing it!!